Saturday, November 10, 2012

AIBA boxing: USA boxing listen or you will be excluded from membership


USA Boxing supported in its reform

Following the recent decision of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission to fully suspend USA Boxing for a period of three months, the International Boxing Association (AIBA), its President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu and its Executive Committee Members have decided to support the determination of Dr Charles Butler, President of USA Boxing, to revive the sport of boxing in the United States of America.

1. USA Boxing can maintain the management of its national boxing programs;

2. USA boxers, coaches and referees & judges are allowed to participate in AIBA competitions through the United States Olympic Committee (USOC);

3. At the same time, USA Boxing should develop its reform launch plan and submit it within the next two weeks to AIBA; once it is accepted by AIBA, the USA Boxing reform plan will be led by AIBA along with USA Boxing and USOC members;

4. The USA Boxing reform plan should include the establishment of the new Articles of the Association, the new governance of USA Boxing and its new reform programs to revive the sport of boxing at all levels in the USA;

5. In the case the USA Boxing reform plan does not proceed as requested within the suspension period, AIBA could make a decision on the future of USA Boxing membership status in AIBA.

AIBA now requests to receive the confirmation that USA Boxing will fully cooperate with the above decisions and work together with AIBA and USOC on this reform for the betterment of our sport.

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