Sunday, November 04, 2012

CROATIA: Zagreb open combat championships (National clubs competition)

- 70 kg
1. Jurica Skoranec, Fight club Kovacic Varazdin
2. Tomislav Gogic, SK Sesvete

- 80 kg
1. Kristijan Gogic, SK Sesvete
2. Ivan Bijader, SK Kraljevec

- 85 kg
1. Kristijan Sarajlic, SK Sesvete
2. Marko Gospocic, SK Stubica

+ 85
1. Matej Batinic, SK Sesvete
2. Matija Blazinic, SK Stubica

- 80
1. Damir Plantic, SK Sesvete
2. Mario Agatic, Fight club Kovacic Varazdin


All the best to Damir Plantic, and Marko Gospocic who also wanted to fight under savate rules but the judging allowed everything. The most important thing on this event was to show your level of agression, which is unfortunately important also on International events - world and european championships where savate sport is also exposed to a very bad judging and judges who first time hear for french boxing. (some competitors also - remember backfist and KO in Serbia 2009).
Thanks to city of Zagreb and Sport federation of Zagreb who support this tournament - probably they see it as a very important and worth of money they invest in it altgough it is not an international tournament.
And I didn't mention Armenian syndrome of too short or too long integral dress and wrestling shoes to proove that they belong to specific sport.

Please enjoy in this true love and affiliation to savate sport in following videos

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