Thursday, November 08, 2012

SLOVENIA: Boxing in its funniest way

Slovenian boxing was traditionaly sistematicaly killed many times in ex Yugoslavia as said some months ago Dusko Cavic (Boxing club Kranj) in a radio interview with Esad Babacic - trainer of this big guy.
As a Serb he speaks honestly about relations in boxing in ex - Yugoslavia and comment that times as sick and unfairly to slovenian boxing population.
As he said - Yugoslav orientation was - Slovenian boxers cannot win in a boxing tournaments because Slovenians are cowards.  Many years took when Slovenia divided from Yugoslavia and boxing did not rise in Slovenia, there were no boxing rings and it seemed that martial arts were significantly controlled in this small country.
And only very brave Bosnian Serb Dusko spoke about it recently.Thank you Dusko.
Please listen

Why is boxing and wrestling also controlled in so small country like Slovenia. Is it necessary to control so small entity like Slovenia with 2 million of people.
And this control didn't stop only in boxing as you might think ........
After 20 years no olympic qualifications in Slovenian boxing , and what about wrestling?
No medals from slovenian boxing on european and world championships in all these years. No money for boxing in all these years in Slovenia. No organised work in boxing in all these years with younger talents.
Dusko Cavic also talked about his own financing of his women fighters on a recent women boxing championship.
As you see - this is the only permanent installed ring used for olympic boxing AIBA near Ljubljana. It is not actually in Ljubljana but some 30 km away in a smaller city of Kranj.
So Ljubljana is boxing ring empty city. Can you count how many capitals in the world - better Europe are these days without any olympic boxing ring installed in it?

Are these simptoms of a very sick and controlled country or we are maybe wrong again?
Oh by the way few days ago in this country (Slovenia) there was trial - members of the biggest Cocaine cartel group called Balcane warrior (Saric group from Serbia)were accused and later then were all sent to FREEDOM. Al the evidence of police investigations from Serbia and Italy which was enough in Serbia to accuse Saaric were in Slovenia not enough and not legal. And by the way - did you hear for Slovenian top event promotors called WFC - they operate with martial arts everywhere in the world. Please visit Slovenia :)

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