Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WAKO kickboxing: IOC and WAKO meeting 2012 - kickboxing IOC recognition

WAKO members - Espen Lund (Norway), Richard Leyrer (Hungary) and Ennio Falsoni met with president of IOC - International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge. The topic of this extra meeting was to trick president of IOC that they represent the whole world of kickboxing sport which is not true. WAKO functions as IF very well all these years, but the problem of IOC recognition of WAKO would emerge many new problems - which AIBA boxing face today - How to unify all the world of boxing. And AIBA boxing represent an olympic sport of boxing while WAKO kickboxing not. So the conflicts in the case of kickboxing will appear as soon as IOC recognise WAKO.
IOC should think twice with ARISF in combination.

And the strangest thing today - WKA domain transformed to

Global combat sports organisation
GCO Headquarter
Klaus Nonnemacher
Nördliche-Uferstr. 4-6
76189 Karlsruhe Germany
Phone:+49 (0)721-497166
Fax: +49 (0)721-9430773

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