Saturday, November 10, 2012

FIKBMS - ITALY: Italian kickboxing federation and CONI - Italian Olympic Committee still owe savate sport

On a sports days 2012 - Ennio Falsone tries to describe this problem which is not very easy one. There comes another Sportaccord 2013 in Sankt Petersburg and WKA kickboxing wants to be recognised in it the same way as WAKO.
And new elections in Italian FIKBMS  comes and many problems in this federation and many new potential candidates with many new interests.
WTKA-WKA example in Italy with the World  kickboxing forum 2010 (Carl Emery) shows that WAKO is not the only kickboxing power anymore and that this sport need unification with other kickboxing organisations all over the world. The same tactique used AIBA trying to unify the world of boxing and we think that Rio 2016 Olympic games will show results. FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation is and was an experimental federation of Italian boxing federation (FPI) so good example follows another. And Italian kickboxing federation will change surely. Probably without savate (FISA) this time.


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