Friday, January 21, 2011

Ashton Kutcher learned savate - film: Killers

For his part, Kutcher approached the physical demands of his role with great enthusiasm and commitment. He began training two months prior to the start of shooting, met with former CIA officials for research, and studied a range of martial arts disciplines in the process. “I was very excited about the action elements. So I took a month of training in Kraw Maga, and then I did a little bit of Muay Thai training and some Filipino knife fighting,” he says. “Then once you start mixing these different martial arts, they actually all start to kind of blend together into your own specific style. I also learned a little bit about Savate because the movie starts in France and Savate is actually something the French Navy invented.”

Kutcher continued his training until the first day of shooting, surprising Luketic with the extent of his hard work. “He must have doubled his muscle mass,” says the director. “He was totally convincing as an action man.”

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