Friday, January 14, 2011

WAKO Kickboxing federation of Vojvodina, Serbia

Do you recognise your savate friends that you meet twice or once a year? And you name it typical savate behaviour? Yes it is. Outside France of course.

Kik-boks savez Vojvodine - Kickboxing federation of Vojvodina was established 8th of August 1998 No.: 661-02-2609/98-03 - control No.: Ministry of Youth and Sport Vojvodina.
Kickboxing federation of Vojvodina was established by:
* Savate boxing club “Ruma” Ruma - Miodrag Rakic (later president Savate federation of Serbia)
* Martial art club “Vojvodina” Novi Sad
* Martial art club “Goc” Stara Pazova
* Taekvondo club „Becej“ Becej.

An old friends taekwondo, kickboxing and savate before 2003 - Savate federation of Serbia was established.

Oh by the way:
KUNG FU WU SU SAVEZ VOJVODINE - Kung fu Wu shu federation of Vojvodina was established - 23th of December 1999 in Kikinda by:
-Kung Fu Wu Shu club - Mladi Zmajevi - Dolovo
-Kung Fu Wu Shu Kik boks klub - B F C- Beocin
-Kung FU Wu Shu club - SENTA -Senta
-Kung Fu Wu Shu club - Dragon - Sefkerin
-Savate Boxing c lub - RUMA - Ruma (Mr. Miodrag Rakic)
-Kung Fu Wu Shu club - Bruce Lee (just name :) that has a strong effect in Balcan regions) - Kucura
-KBV FUTOG - Futog
-KBV KIKINDA - Kikinda

All in all - small group of people do all stand up martial arts and sports in different sport dresses. The way it is.
And Wu shu federation of Vojvodina is a member of Kickboxing federation of Vojvodina. Like skiing in skating. Nice..

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