Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mameli savate started savate in Italian kickboxing federation called FIKB

Genoa families practice savate daily. It is tradition which will cotinue in Italian kickboxing federation with savate (boxe francaise) as kickboxing (boxe americaine) unique sport. They invented also Italian style of Canne , now there will be also Boxe francese stilo Italiano :

Listen to the wise man pierro Picasso: ( start 5:52 )

Interpretation: Americano, Italiano, Francese. Different styles of behaviour.

FIKB - Italian kickboxing federation without any permition of FIS - International savate federation promotes savate sport as its own in Italian Olympism. Isn't it weird?

FIS - International savate federation recognise in Italy only FISa - Italian savate federation which is not part of FIKB.

And FIS - International savate federation doesn't react?

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