Saturday, January 29, 2011

Modibo Diarra (FRA) Vs Umberto Musso (ITA)

I like French interpretation of FIS official tournaments.

They always choose the best opponent - let 's see Umberto's BIO:
In 2006 there was European Cup - Assaut where Umberto Musso was the winner. I cannot remeber this tournament because in 2006 there was World assaut championship. 2007-2010 winner of Italy savate elite tournament?
Umberto was happy if he was involved in at least one per year savate tournament in Italy. Makes me laugh. Italian elite savate. Incredible.

But the best thing here is Sebastien Farina working for FIKB - Italian kickboxing federation, who prepared also Musso. His cooperation with Domenico Rutigliani Team is again FIKB - FISa paradox. Smart French behaviour. It is a phrase.

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