Saturday, January 08, 2011

WKF Premier League [karate1]

In Paris, France - center of savate sport also.

The WKF Premier League- karate1 is a reality.

The project comprises up to 10 competitions yearly starting with the first competition in Paris in January 2011. It is the first time that WKF organizes competition with prize money for the winners and additionally the karate 1 big winner of the year per category who will be coming from the ranking list existing in each WKF competition from now.

This announcement had the total acceptance of all karateka world-wide as this will give them the opportunity to participate in the WKF Premier League with up to 10 competitions per year. From the one WKF event celebrated once a year, this new programme will automatically raise the number of WKF events to eleven per year allowing the participation of all competitors interested and not just the elite of karate as it was the case until now with the World Championships.

This new competitive reality will be also be completed by the Masters' Cup in which the 8 best athletes of the world will be competing in an open category in 3 yearly competitions in order to have the best of the best. The WKF President stated the following in relation with the new competition announcements.

"The Premier League-Karate 1 is the Formula 1 of Karate. When this project is complete will have 10 competitions in a year giving the possibility to many good karateka in the world to take part in the best events after the World Championships. The new series of WKF competition activities will be complemented by the Master's Cup with the 8 best karateka of the world competing in an open category in 3 events per year to declare the best of the best".

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