Saturday, January 29, 2011

La canne Praha, CZECH republic

La canne Praha

Miroslav Zagrapan
tel: 731 166 377
In a city Karlovy Vari learned Wu-shu (Kung-fu). Studied asiatic and historical fencing. Active some years in a historical performing group called Fictum. His sword speaks German, French and Italian school.

Daniel Vo┼żenilek
tel: 721 015 225

Probably Apache group and Zsolt Sandor (Hungary) knows him very well. Canne de combat czech group exist several years but unfortunatelly there is no Czech savate federation at the moment.
In the same situation is non existing Slovak savate federation.
Don't worry savate you can teach without any licences or control of FIS. Especially Canne de Combat. Savate is a free sport influenced from everybody.

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