Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Anti-Doping Symposium in Lausanne 2011 and FIS


The President of the Serbian Savate Federation, Mr Miodrag Rakic, attended an Anti-Doping Symposium in Lausanne on March 22nd and 23rd. About 300 people, including National Anti-Doping Organisations, International Sports Federations, Interpol, WADA and SportAccord staff members took part.
Mr David Howman, Director General of WADA, spoke about the future of the fight against Doping, the origin of doping substances, the Athletic Biological Passport and ADAMS. Currently, 150 Anti-Doping Organizations and over 30.000 athletes are registered in the ADAMS program. Cpt Mathieu Holtz, Interpol, spoke about WADA and Interpol cooperation to stop doping in sport – at this time there are over a million websites trading in doping substances. In 2009, 124 people were arrested, and 56 Labs were closed, more than 11million steroids and $ 6.500.000 were confiscated. Other speakers at the symposium discussed issues about blood and urine testing, Code Compliance, the ADAMS program and the education of athletes and coaches.

Miodrag Rakic, as President of the FISav Anti-Doping Commission, will be organising a meeting of the Commission in June with the aim of improving our compliance with the WADA code, drawing up a formalized Whereabouts and testing program, and implementing an Anti-Doping Education program.

Miodrag Rakic & Natalie Mills:

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