Friday, April 01, 2011

Should French savate federation and FIS suspend Ludovic Fornes?

Who can really spread savate in FIS? Are there really no obligations and responsibilities for a French savate instructors like Ludovic Fornes?
Big Italian game about who is who in savate got another dimension.
Italian kickboxing federation called FIKB or FIKBMS has its every year National stage in Rimini with a support of Ludovic Fornes in a field of SAVATE sport.
22 th of April 2011 in Cattolica, Italy there will be also SOMEONE WHO WILL REPRESENT DISCIPLINE OF FIS - called SAVATE. (probably without permission of FIS and French savate federation).

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Per il settore Savate LUDOVIC FORNES:
3 volte Vice Campione di Francia di Savate Boxe Fran├žaise; 2 volte Campione di Francia di Savate;
Campione del Mondo; Campione d’Europa; Vincitore degli Internazionali di Russia, Cameroun, Cuba; Vincitore del Torneo dei Balcani (designato miglior combattente del torneo); Vincitore del torneo mondiale nei -65 kg Full Contact; 91 combattimenti, 76 vittorie, 40 Ko.

For the sector Savate LUDOVIC Fornes :

3 times vice champion of France Savate Boxe Francaise, 2 times champion of France Savate;
World Champion, European Champion, International Winner of Russia, Cameroon, Cuba, winner of the Tournament of the Balkans (nominated best fighter of the tournament), won the tournament in the World Full Contact -65 kg, and 91 fights, 76 wins, 40 Ko.

And probably FIS and French Federation won't do nothing.
They protect Italian savate federation and Alfredo Lallo.

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Anonymous said...

O yes and similar things happening with FIS and its interferance with the Spain Savate Federation.