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South African SAVATE - SASCA - Did you ever accept this new member in FIS?

15th to 17th of April 2011


Instructors training: 9 am - 12 pm (cost: R 500)
Open training - students: 2 pm - 5 pm (cost: R 300)

Presented by Warrior sports
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WTKA - World traditional karate asociation - remember its Genoa, Italy annual Marathon of Martial arts - but actually kickboxing organisation in connection with SASCA- South African Sport Combat association organised South African savate seminar.

Who can really organise SAVATE seminars?
FIS or also some other sport organiation like Motorboating international federation? Does this also mean that WTKA and SASCA made some serious mistake and will be treated like some other cases by Sport LAW?

THEIR description:

SASCA is a Private Christian Based, Multi Style association. Our vision is to create an association of clubs within South Africa, Africa and around the Martial Arts World where instructors, clubs and athletes are free to participate in events that cater for Single and Multi Martial Arts events. SASCA stands for the freedom of choice - the liberty of Martial Artists to belong to various Martial Arts Associations and participate freely wherever they desire. This we believe is the way to develop our athletes and better prepare them for tournaments of International stature.
Because SASCA is a Private Multi Style Association, we are not entitled to offer National Protea Colours to our members. However, SASCA is extremely proud of the fact that we take a SASCA National team to the WTKA International, World Championships in Italy every year. Our Fighters have done very well over the past 5 years and have always brought back Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. SASCA is private organization.

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17th September 2011
Berario Recreational Centre
SAVATE:- Assaut (Light Contact)
Only open to SASCA Registered members
Contact Mladin -  (Balcan boy? - Mladen Bobic)
(GLOVES :) - South African type)

and seminar of the same school

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

SASCA is a Multi Style Martial Arts Association based in South Africa.

Some of the members of SASCA indicated that they were interested in SAVATE.

We contacted FIS and indicated our interest, requesting information regarding the possibility of bringing SAVATE to SA.

We have about 55 clubs relating to us from around South Africa, and so we thought that it would be a great base from which to work, to get SAVATE started in SA.

We have an understanding with FIS that SAVATE will be promoted within SASCA for a period of time.

Once the South African Savate Federation has grown and established itself - the SA Federation will become an independent entity working only within FIS.

I hope this clarifies our situation.

Trevor Clarke