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Mr. Espen Lund, Vice-President in World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, on 4th April was elected into the Sportaccord Council as member for four years. The election found place during the Sportaccord Convention in London, GB. Mr. Lund who is from Norway will act as representative for all sports in Sportaccord defined as ”recognised federations of Sportaccord” but yet is not IOC recognised. This group of International Federations (IF’s) is today 23 sports.
The constellation of Sportaccord Council is divided into representatives from Summer Olympic Sports, Winter Olympic Sports, IOC recognised Sports and Associated organizations.
Mr. Lund has been having an active role within Sportaccord for the last 2 years already both by coordinating the mention group of IF’s and was also active in the development of the 1st edition of the Sportaccord Combat Games, held in Beijing China August /September 2010 (under the IOC patronage). The Combat Games became a huge success for all the 13 participating Combat Sports. Mr. Lund has also worked closely with Sportaccord staff the last 2 years in various fields.
President in WAKO, Ennio Falsoni declare: “This is just great. We have worked hard to be a member of Sportaccord and now we suddenly is represented in the Council which is powerful. That WAKO can contribute at this level in international sports life is something we are proud of. It simply means that we have reliable resources in our Oranization.
I am sure Lund will do a great job for the group of 23 IF’s”
The Sportaccord Council for the next four years will be:
• President, Hein Verbruggen, Netherlan, Honorary IOC member – Appointed by the Sportaccord General Assembly
• Vice-President, Pat McQuaid, Ireland, IOC member (Cycling) – Appointed by ASOIF
• Vice-President, Ron Froelich, USA (World Games) – Appointed by assosiated organisations
• Council member, Jan Fransoo, Netherland (Korfball) – Appointed by ARISF
• Council member, Gian Franco Kasper, Switzerland, IOC member (Skiing) – Appointed by AIOWF
• Council member, Antonio Espinos Ouerta, Spain (Karate) – Appointed by ARISF
• Council member, Denis Oswald, Switzerland (Rowing) – Appointed by ASOIF
Council member, Espen Lund, Norway (Kickboxing) – Appointed by recognised sports

SportAccord is the umbrella organisation for 104 International Sports Federations and Organisations. Its mission is to support and to protect the common interests of the sports movement. Activities include the online video portal Sports Hub, the organisation of multi-sports games, doping-free sport, as well as sports’ social responsibility and sports’ integrity.
Associations of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), Association of International Olympic Winter Federations (AIOWF), Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF) are members in addition to assosiated organizations.

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