Friday, April 15, 2011

Boxing, kickboxing news from Croatia

Rijeka, Croatia 9th of April 2011 - Croatian kickboxing championship - seniors 2011 - low kick (WAKO). Primary school „Srdoci“ - 84 competitors from 47 clubs. 84 competitors - in discipline - seniors -low kick

Seniors - low kick (WAKO):
1st place - 57 kg Antinio Horvatic - Mladost Varazdin
Senior women - low kick (WAKO)
1st place - 52 kg Valentina Balazinec - Skorpion Zagreb

We see them both also in savate.

Croatian boxing federation and Omega gym Varazdin organised 20th Croatian boxing championship for juniors, and 7th Croatian woman boxing championship. Juniors from 32 clubs, and women from 16 clubs. 13th to 15th of april 2011 in a sport hall Graberje, Varazdin, Croatia. Miljenko Rozmaric - woman boxing selector of Ceroatian boxing federation took all the resposability for this project. But don't forget Miljenko Rozmaric is also Croatia savate combat selector and trainer.

4. -60 kg: Marina Horvat (Sesvete) - Romana Lasan (Zlatna rukavica)
5. -60 kg: Marija Zovko (Leonardo) - Marija Kosi (Omega boks Varaždin)
6. -75 kg: Jovana Vučić (Omega Zagreb) - Ana Marija Maršić (Joker)

Bolded women we see also in savate.

Goran Borovic (savate world champion) interview:
239 fights (different systems) – 204 wins (46  KO) - 34 losses -11 no decision
He started with boxing and after 3 years boxing (AIBA) in Croatian national boxing team he didn't have a chance to attend Olympic Games 2004, Athens, Greece so he decided to train also kickboxing (WAKO).
These days you can arrange him one month before competition (this is his preparation and adaptation time) and he can come to every fighting discipline you wish. Specialization is in his blood, so he is multi combat fighter similar to Silvia La Notte. It doesn't matter proffesional or amateur, he is invited everywhere.
This year he will try again in savate - boxe francaise - combat world championship. this time as an amateur and with his true love - savate.
He trains savate with Hrvoje Balen (born 1974)  proffesor of kinesiology with a diploma topic „Boxing power training“. Active in martial arts from 1989 - muay thai , boxing and ju jitsu. HE DOESN'T MENTION SAVATE???? BUT THE TEACHER OF WORLD SAVATE CHAMPION???  From 1992 he trains in Boxing club „Metalac“, and from 2004 he became trainer. In 2007 he started as a trainer of croatian junior boxing national team.

... Goran Borovic trains in 3 clubs:
With trainer Leon Beneta in Leon Gym where he trains muay thai, in Omega club with Hrvoje Balen and in Omega Kneginec when he returns home in Varazdin. For every fight (type of combat discipline) he prepares himself on specialized different location. STRANGE? Not at all.

His best results:

  • Junior champion of Europe ( savate 1996).
  • Senior savate vice - champion Europe (1998, 2000, 2004, 2008)
  • Senior savate champion Mediterranean (1999, 2000)
  • Senior savate world champion (1999, 2000)

  • Competing on Grand Prix kickboxing tournament - Bercy (2003)
  • World kickboxing champion 2005 (won Sofiane Allouache)
  • World kickboxing champion - K1 rules - King of the Ring 2006 (vs.Vuyusila Colosa)
  • European kickboxing champion - thai boxing OPBU (2007)
  • European kickboxing champion - OPBU 2008 (vs. Alviar Lima)

  • Croatian national boxing champion (AIBA type)(2002, 2003)

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