Thursday, April 07, 2011

IFMA - Muay Thai - fighting to win IOC recognition

source: Sportaccord 2011, London

Off the back of the SportAccord Combat Games, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) is renewing its fight to win recognition by the IOC, according to General Secretary Stephan Fox, a former world champion in the sport.
“IFMA participated in the SportAccord Combat Games, TAFISA, Arafura, SEA Games and holds many muaythai events including an annual World Championships,” he said. “The next important milestone for IFMA will be to obtain full recognition from the IOC.” Muaythai is a martial art originating from Thailand where fighters execute strikes using 8 points of contact: fists, shins, knees and elbows. Fox said that as well as the aim for IOC recognition, it was working for the total unification of all 128 member national federations.
“IFMA is a proud member of SportAccord, and we would like to say hello to all our sporting friends, especially the other 13 martial art and combat sport federations, whom have just made history together at the inaugural SportAccord Combat Games, which is a major milestone for all combat sports,” he said.
He added that 2010 was another “hugely successful” year for muaythai and IFMA, which included the organisation’s inclusion in the TAFISA Sport for All organisations, and the IFMA World Championships in Bangkok at which over 200,000 spectators attended the finals.
He added that the main areas of growth are in the youth and female development, currently both growing at ten percent. The sport is also growing in popularity in the mainstream fitness industry, being taken up in gyms worldwide.

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