Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WAKO kickboxer Agron Preteni again in SAVATE

look at this perfect muscular definition.

In savate dress he looks much more casual.

He will come to World savate combat championship 2011. He likes savate. I am sure.

Albanian language is the language that also speaks Agron Preteni. Albanian language site called Kosovo boxing talks about Agron Preteni.
We know that there is still no savate in Kosovo.
Why don't Agron Preteni try to compete for Kosovo state? There would be another member country in FIS? More countries, more savate?

We see the so called WAKO trend in FIS savate last years - especially Balcane countries and Italy. What is WAKO trend in savate?
99% of all fighter's activities is kickboxing and once a year or in two years this kickboxer decide to compete in savate. Nice.
And don't forget - this fighter becomes World SAVATE champion after all.

So what is the BIG MESSAGE, that FIS send with that kind of actions to all their real savate countries?
It is better to practice WAKO kickboxing because you have more tournaments, more chances to become world champion. You can also arrange result with your friendly neighbour kickboxing WAKO countries and fighters. And nobody can blame you because there is no evidence. And don't try to specialize in savate because there is no future for savateur.

In FIS savate we don't have any (member's) passports, we don't have any member's competitor registration lists, we don't have anual fixed registered fighters in certain categories... but we are in WADA.
And how will WADA operate when we won't have any evidence when this MUSCLE fighters are actually kickboxers belonging to some other martal art systems. Will WADA acuse for example WAKO? This fighters spend most of their competitive time in his system - for example WAKO.
Will FIS take all the load of inspections from WADA if some kickboxer will be tested on steroids?
There were last years many cases in Croatia about positive kickboxers after Anti-dpoing testings.

And Croatian Olympic Committee took it very seriously...

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