Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dom Tsui - getting better and better

Dom Tsui - British Male 60-65 kg - assaut (very, very efficient tactical decisions during the fight). Coach James Southwood - good teacher and excellent demonstrator of technique.

Also other GBSF fights from Guilford - July 2008

James Southwood vs. Charlie Howes in final of men's 75-80kg. Farncombe

Fred vs. Simon

Fred vs. Scott


Anonymous said...

Very Good Blog !!!
Many good articles.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha that's me!

Thanks for featuring me in the blog, and thanks for the very kind words about me.

About those videos: all those featured fought each other on the same day: that's the only fight i lost, and it came right after my hardest fight of the day. I thought i had won, but it was close: trust me, my other fights were better!

Also I have just come back from an injury, so hopefully I will be getting better still...



Anonymous said...

yes in GB you are making big step forward. About your fight? I think you were better, but this doesn't matter when you are on the right

Is your trainer James or you train together? I think that precision and right timing was your tactique.