Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mr. Borislav Pelević - silver glove in savate

His book: Kickboxing - Theory and methodology

Prof. Borislav Pelević was born in 1956. As a young boy he trained karate and at 18 years became champion of Kosovo - ex Yugoslavia. Coming to Beograd he is a champion of this city in karate and trainer of Karate club "4th of july". His interes in fighting sports: savate and full contact. He was one of the founders of first contact fighting club in Yugoslavia. International trainer of kickboxing 1986 and got savate licence in 1987 in Paris on (well known) INSEP institute. In 1987 he is a president of JUSO - Yugoslav chair of fighting sports which is in 1988 transformed in Kickboxing federation of Yugoslavia - KFY. Mr. Borislav Pelevic is elected as a president of KFY. Ranks: 4th dan in karate, highest rank silver glove (Gant d'Argent) in Savate, international kickboxing trainer and judge. President of Kickboxing federation of Serbia and a Vice President of WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations).


Borislav Pelević (Борислав Пелевић) (born 22 November 1956) was a presidential candidate in the Serbian presidential election, 2004. He was the president of the nationalist Party of Serbian Unity, before it merged into the Serbian Radical Party in December of 2007. The party has a marginal importance in Serbian politics due to its far-right platform. He was one of the Arkan's Tigers during the war in Krajina at Erdut training camp.

He was the president of the kickboxing federation of Serbia and Montenegro.


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