Wednesday, July 02, 2008

FIS passport

How many fights do you think these two fighters have in their fight record?
Do you think that they practice only savate?
How do you send your fighters on international fights, when you don't know how serious and dangerous opponent can wait your fighter on the other side of the boxing ring?
If you are living in some "BANANA" republic where human life is of low cost, then you don't have to worry about KO's and broken knees, but if you have that bad luck that your country is part of EU and have serious sport regulation and after all also is non francophone oriented.....then your troubles are here.
For example your opponent can have outside savate 50 fights from amateur kickboxing WAKO, 60 fights from amateur muay thai IFMA, 30 fights from sanda - kung fu IWUF and 25 boxing fights AIBA and 15 professional fights(K1, S1, WMC, WKPF, ISKA, WAKO-PRO....) . And after all he has also some two fights in savate FIS. And fact is that you get inexperienced opponent with only two fights in his fighting savate record. Your fighter is training only 3 years and he is now prepared for combat.
He comes to international championships and he signs the paper that he competes on his own risk and...then something happens.....because of some earlier fights and preparations and KO on this international competition ... he gets internal bleadings in his brain and he dies - (in boxing sports this is not very rare).
Who takes responsibility for this? And is this behavior normal in fighting sports? Where ends amateurism and where starts professionalism? Can we take both at the same time? Is this good for joining AGFIS? How do IOC - International Olympic Comitte reacts in similar cases in athletics, boxing ... Does IOC recognize professionalism?

Kick is kick, punch is punch, KO is KO and injury is injury. Sudden death is always the same. Protect fighters. We need fighting records. Open doors are not always good decision. If we have border controls in all world countries, than we have to start with controls also in savate. This is the only way to make live federations with systematic approach to sport and not only always the same teams who just fill the empty spaces for some countries where results counts some sum of money.

And last week one writer on some fighting forum wrote me back: Savate you are nothing but WAKO 2, because all your clubs/federations are directly connected with WAKO and they compete as WAKO - low kick also in savate. And what do you think? My opinion is that he really missed his point.

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