Saturday, July 26, 2008

NEW requirements for registered WAKO competitors

Will WAKO count SAVATE - french boxing among kickboxing sport?


Since we know that various national federations notoriously allow their fighters (or they don’t pay enough attention) to participate in various other kickboxing organizations, WAKO board, during the meeting held in Budapest, made a unanimous decision about that issue as follows:
To compete in other international Championships besides WAKO will not be allowed and tolerated any longer, starting from this year
It is mandatory that from now on all fighters, coaches, officials and referees, who are WAKO members stop competing in any other Kickboxing events and competitions organised by other organisations than WAKO. This includes world, continental and title fights in all disciplines with all other bodies excluding WAKO. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic two years suspension from WAKO international activity, from the date of his/her involvement with other kickboxing bodies. Failure to notify WAKO of said involvement may result in a three years suspension for the national federation they belong to.

WAKO Board

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