Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brasil savate with Tony Ancelin

Portela (Brasil) vs. Tony Ancelin (France) - 24/May/2008
Friendly match - assaut. French savateurs have a very difficult task at spreading savate. Savate with its different non-macho philosophy is not a good brick to substitute weird idea about though martial arts in a house of fighting. Like football, basketball and other normal sports savate try to be professional and not so much emotional and involved in the process of "Hey madafaka I will...".
Every move and mistake is judged by the audience with applause. Tony thank you for making good things for savate in Brasil. You are a brilliant savate fighter.

FIS savate seminar 23.5.2008

Joel Dhumez, Hubert Abela, Tony Ancelin and many others shows values of savate boxe francaise in Brasil. Good work. Thank you France and Brasil.


Marcus said...

My name is Portela, and I am the Brazilian fighter in this video... and I'm really want to say that tony is a gentleman in the ring and outside the ring, it was a honor for me fight with one of the best fighters from France. I think Tony is my friend now, and I miss all the team... By, this is a very good blog... see you soon...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the comment. Yes in Ankara on combat fights he was also hard opponent.
With this savate BLOG we make breakthrough for our sport also in virtual internet space. And if you as savateur find it good - than our mission makes some sense.
Thank you Brasil again.