Thursday, October 30, 2008

WKA and IAKSA in Rimini 2008

Before WAKO - FIKB national championship kickboxing 2008 in Rimini - there was also WKA + IAKSA kickboxing championship on 20th April 2008. Sincronicity of kickboxing events in Italy is amazing. Different organisation decides for the same places in a very similar period of a year.

President FKBI (Federation Italia of Kickboxing)- (don't change with FIKB (WAKO)) is Dr. Andrea Albertin who is also president of Sport Federation of Venice (Veneto) region.

President Walter Meneghini of GOJU ITALIA named also AGKAI (American GojuRyu Karate Italia) with disciplines - karate, kickboxing and ju-jitsu is also a vice-president of FKBI.

FKBI on a national Italian level represents two international Sports federations:
World kickboxing and Karate Association
World karate Association


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