Saturday, October 25, 2008

Preparation for Martial art games 2010 in AGFIS

Savate managers - just one advice - be cool and nice to karate which can put us on Martiades 2010 if we would be ready for AGFIS in March 2009.

Last 19th October, the GAISF Council met in Monaco. In attendance were Mr. Hein Verbruggen, GAISF President, Mr. Denis Oswald, ASOIF and Rowing President and IOC Executive Board member, Mr. Gian Franco Kasper, Ski President and IOC member, Mr. Jan Fransoo, Korfball and ARISF President, Mr. Ron Froehlich, World Games President, Mr. Paul Hoglund, Jiu Jitsu President, and WKF karate President Mr. Antonio Espinós. Apologies were received by Mr. Tamas Ajan, Weighlifting President and IOC member.
The meeting dealt with all outstanding GAISF issues, as well as with the preparation of the GAISF Council and AGM meeting during Sportaccord in March 2009 in Denver. Also the WKF President, responsible for Martial Arts in GAISF, reported about the 2010 Martial Arts Games, and the preparations of the next GAISF Martial Arts IF’s plenary session that will take place in Moscow next December.

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