Friday, October 03, 2008

New JDP blog

Instructor: Luis Franco Preto

* A) University degree in Sport Sciences
* B) Certified Fitness Trainer by International Sport Sciences Association
* C) Certified Youth Fitness Trainer by ISSA
* D) Certified Endurance Fitness Trainer by ISSA
* E) Author of "Jogo do Pau: The Ancient Art and Modern Science of Portuguese Stick Fighting" by Chivalry Bookshelf
* F) Certified Tennis Coach by the Portuguese Tennis Federation
* G) Certified Basketball Coach by the Portuguese Basketball Federation
* H) JdP Instructor at seminars in Bremen, Lisbon & Geneve 2003
* I) JdP Instructor at seminar in Geneve 2004
* J) JdP Instructor at seminar in Zurich - 2005
* K) JdP Instructor at 7th Annual WMA Workshop (2006)
* L) JdP Instrutor at HEMAC - Dijon 2008

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