Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amri MADANI, Savate - a passion !

Written by Adeline Paul

Who are you ?

I am above all a boxer. I always train twice a day, 6 days each week, even if I’m not competing. I am starting a new professional career in Bobigny at the "Service des Sports" but of course I continue boxing.

Club : Bobigny

Special technique : "la belle boxe"

Record of achievements : Vice Champion of France ‘Espoir’ in 1999, Champion of France ‘Junior’ in 2000, Champion of France ‘technique’ in 2001, Champion of France ‘Honneur’ in 2002, Vice Champion of France ‘Elite’ in 2003, Champion of France ‘Elite’ in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, Champion of Europe ‘Junior’ in 2000, Champion of Europe ‘Senior’ in 2004 and 2006, World Champion ‘Senior’ in 2005 and 2007.

How did you start doing Savate? amri_madani_2.jpg

With my friends, we often went to a club and then the trainer’s son found that I had some abilities and he told that if I invest more of myself in boxing, I could go far. He took me to Courbertin and I told me that one day I would box there. I remember my first fight. I was 17 and I was matched against a 27-year-old boxer. At the beginning, I did not have to fight but out of pride, I accepted. I lost by KO but I returned to training the next Monday, I did not want to give up!

How long did you do Savate?

I have boxed for 15 years but not only savate, I also do kickboxing, full contact, Chauss’Fight, etc. I remember my first tournament in kickboxing, I had lied about my record of achievements to “impress” people. That was the way I managed to get into this tournament that I eventually won. Up to now, I’ve always been lucky to fight against opponents with the same “stature “ as me, which allows great fights. I remember, in particular, the final of the 2006 European Championship when Gilles LE DUIGOU, who was still the Vice-president of the French Savate Federation at that time, told me that my fight had been the most beautiful he had ever seen ! I was very pleased to hear this from an expert, these are strong moments that I will never forget.

Passion or necessity? It is a passion because you must be passionate to be punched. But it has been a necessity over the years. The healthy lifestyle imposed by boxing has become usual and necessary for me. The physical conditions of training, the constraint of weight, I get used to it and I dare say that I love this! It’s also thanks to all this that I am mentally strong.

What are your future prospects? In the professional field : I love working at the « Service des Sports » in Bobigny, and moreover, I am lucky to work with my trainer, I hope to stay there as long as possible and to gain promotions. In the sporting field : My dream would be to combine my professional and sporting life and to organise, for example, the “Mondial de boxe Thaï ou de Kick Boxing” in Bobigny. I would be part of the organisation, it would be a great party!


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