Thursday, January 08, 2009

Seminar in Dortmund, Germany 15th March 2009, WTF and ITF taekwondo

One of the 3 biggest ITF international taekwondo federations (all with the same name and of course non-olympic) - Jung Hwa group.

During a meeting between the WTF and ITF, Mr. Fimiani, President of the ITF-NAG Germany, proposed that a seminar should be mutually arranged by both ITF and WTF in Dortmund. This proposal was warmly welcomed by Grand Master Whang Chae Pok, 9th. DAN WTF, one of Gen. Choi Hong Hi’s earliest students, and Master Peter Sanders 7th. DAN ITF.

Photo: Dario Fimiani with GM Whang Chae Pok 9th.DAN WTF and Henk Zonsfeld

WTF and ITF agreed to a common slogan during a competition held in South Korea 24.06.2008 – “WI are one” - (Spelt WI, WTF and ITF) a thought that is making its round worldwide.
Mr. Fimiani wishes to enforce this thought in Germany.
For Mr.Fimiani and Grand Master Whang Chae Pok there is no doubt that Choi Hong Hi is the origin of Taekwon-Do (1918-2002). Taekwondo may develop into many directions; its root however, remains the same.
Mr. Fimiani is very happy to be allowed to invite all associations for the 15th. March, 2009 to Dortmund to the Seminar which will be held by Grand Master Master Whang Chae Pok 9th. DAN WTF and Master Peter Sanders 7th.DAN.ITF
Free sleeping is provided for in the hall.

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