Friday, January 09, 2009

World University Sambo Cup 2008 - FISU patronage

Same thing we made in SAVATE in 2005 in Lille, France under FISU patronage. We wait now only for AGFIS recognition - 3-4 years later. Sambo's way is a little bit faster.

The 2008 World University Sambo Cup, an event under FISU Patronage took place from December 5th to 8th in Kaunas, Lithuania. 91 student-athletes (men & women) from 10 countries took part on this event (Latvia, Estonia, France, Senegal, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, Georgia, Lithuania). Kaunas University of Technology, the Lithuanian Student Sport Association and the Lithuanian Sambo Federation were the main organizers of this event.
Competitions were opened by Mr. Sergey Eliseev (RUS), Vice-President of FIAS (the World Sambo Federation) and President of the European Sambo Federation. Mr. Andrius Kupcinskas, Mayor of Kaunas, officials from the Lithuanian Student Sport Association, Kaunas University of Technology and other organizations attended the opening ceremony.
18 sets of medals (9 for men and 9 for women) were distributed between the participants. The strongest women's team was Russia, followed by Lithuania and France. The strongest men's team was also Russia, trailed by Georgia and Lithuania.
Olga Usoltseva (Russia) and Kakha Mamulashvili (Georgia) were nominated for special prizes for best technique. Bernard Nicolas (France) and Cherar Adriana (Romania) were nominated with prizes for will attempts in the contests.
During the competitions team leaders, coaches and referees took part in a sambo seminar.

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