Saturday, January 31, 2009

English and French Boxers (1903) - IMDbPro

When will this stupid SAVATE censorship stop? in 21st century. Incredible.

Please let us see this video.

Something new in boxing. An Englishman and a Frenchman come together, and as the Englishman lands hard on the Frenchman's jaw, the Frenchman goes to the floor on his hands, and lands with both feet on the Englishman's solar plexus. The Frenchman fights with hands and feet, and it is with difficulty the Englishman can ward off all the blows. Very unique and interesting. Written by Edison Catalog


Another one:
French Boxers (1902) More at IMDbPro »
Release Date: november 1902 (USA)
Genre: Documentary | Short
Two French experts in the art of Savate, in an interesting exhibition of their system of self-defence which employs both the hands and the feet.


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