Saturday, January 31, 2009


The first in the world board game regarded to martial art - Taekwondix.

TAEKWONDIX – it consists of four board games for Taekwon-Do practitioners and fans of board games, at every age between 6 and 150 years old. Each set is independent and has got different level of difficulty; depending on the age and level of advancement of players. Each set gives the possibility of introduction simpler or more complicated rules, without decreasing game’s attractiveness.These are:
* Taekwondix Mini
mobile set of games, which may be used in every place at any time. This is the game with dices and special counters Tae and Kwon. It is perfect game before training, during the breaks at school, on camps, etc.
* Taekwondix Tul
this set is regarded to nomenclature, rules of Tul (pattern) in Taekwon-Do. Because of the game structure, it is great method to remember names of the positions, movement sequences in patterns. During the play, the participants have to demonstrate a great memory, shrewdness and smartness. Big influence of luck on the course of playing gives possibility to display patience and perseverance (one of the Taekwon-Do tenets) in order to achieve the goal
* Taekwondix Matsogi
this set is for more demanding players. It is based on fight tactic, foreseeing and players’ calculation. This game, in its conception refers to the atmosphere, dynamism and a dramatic Taekwon-Do sports fight – gaining and losing points. Players in their fight’s conception try to surprise the opponent by using various tricks, hoping to achieve the highest score. Players have to be careful all the time, and look out for opponents’ actions, presenting understanding, patience and integrity (one of Taekwon-Do tenets).
* Taekwondix Mix
the tournament game – it is the highest level of advancement. This set is for old and young fans of board games, who have to think a lot and demonstrate a great memory and tactic. This set is compared to chess.

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