Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jérôme Huon in Finland

From 9th to 11th Jan 2009, Jérôme Huon was in Finland for a seminar for savate instructors. He enjoyed a warm welcome and excellent organisation for the seminar. His program for the development of the trainers included:
educational methods, processing of information, planning of training programmes and 2 training classes.
Jérôme was impressed by the organisation of Savate in Finland, with 1200 members, 120 lessons per week and about 40 teachers. He believes this must be one of the biggest clubs in the world.
Jérôme has been involved in Savate for 20 years, as a fighter and now as a trainer at the "Pôle Espoir Ile de France de Savate boxe française" at Eaubonne, France.

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