Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Savate Assaut European championship 2009 - La Coruna, Spain

In partnership with the Boxing Federation of Galicia, the FIS organized the European Savate Assaut Championships of 2009 in La Coruna in Spain.
ARRIVAL and Weigh-in : Thursday afternoon 12th November
Competition : Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November
DEPARTURE : Sunday morning 15th November
The internet registration website opened from Sunday 20th September until midnight on Sunday 18th October.

Miroslav Odzic (Serbia) vs. Spain - Galicia

Alvaro Sueiro (Galicia, Spain) vs. Miroslav Odzic (Serbia)

Sinisa Zeljkovic (Serbia) vs. France

Miroslav Odzic (Serbia) vs Johan Ghassiri(France) -65 kg
French had very difficult work against weird kickboxing tactique of his opponent. Linear moving forward and backward is not very typical for savate fighters. And very low knee without arme phase also at kicks.

Belgium vs. France (women)

Belgium vs. Spain (women)

Slovenia vs. France (women, -48 kg)

Mike Lambret(France) vs. Greece ...
Friendly Serb coach helps Greek competitor.

Victor (Spain) vs. (Germany) + 85 kg man

David Infantes (Spain) vs. James Southwood (Great Britain)

David Infantes (Spain) vs. Danilo Genovesse (Italy)

Victor Cosme (Spain) vs. Volker Bonisch (Germany)

Italy preparing:

Alvaro Sueiro (Galicia, Spain) vs. Croatia

Spain vs. ?


Cristophe Cornu - TV3 France - Club AS Quetigny

Report - La coruna TV:

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Anonymous said...

Hello,my friend.I am Miroslav Odzić.You have wrote something about my weird kickboxing style.For your information,I have practice savate since 1986. and own gant d argent 2nd degree.