Friday, November 06, 2009

Boxing - Silvia La Notte - preparing for London 2012 Olympic games

After 8 years training in kickboxing started in 2005 with english boxing.

In Italian boxing team 2007 - december Lille, France.
48 kg - Silvia La Notte (ITALY) vs. Lidia Ion (ROMANIA) PP 12-16

Ursus boxing gym and Mr. Angelo Pome - trainer of Silvia La Notte.

Semifinal fight - fly weight - Bizzozero, Italy 19th October 2008
Silvia La Notte (A.P. Ursus) b. Emanuela Benedetti (Monteclarense) pt

Final fight - fly weight - Bizzozero, Italy 21th October 2008
Simona Lucarno (A.B. Voghera) vs Silvia La Notte (A.P. Ursus)

Codroipo (UD) 19th of July 2008





Csik Monica

La Notte Silvia

She is also Italian (english) boxing champion 2007.

Profile: 23 − 2 − 8 (Boxing)

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