Sunday, November 01, 2009

FLORENT LAZARE - everything man

Comparing France as a martial art super power with other countries is like pumping oil and gasoline in the same car's tank.
Principles of behaviour in a well organised sport system like (65 million) France is, is much much different than in smaller and economical weaker countries.
Rotation of competitors from one combat sport federation to another is not well administrated and the control is not so well as in France.
One Florent Lazar for France means nothing. There are many of them waiting in a line. Today Florent, tomorrow Pretty Pierre and so on. Combining different style boxing, muay thai, kickboxing and savate is possible in this country because savate is financially the strongest federation which has the control over all other combat art sports. But in countries outside France it is different. Muay thai and kickboxing are not under influence of savate but more of boxing and ITF taekwondo.
And because of this many techniques are different. Muay thai or kickboxing in France comparing to other European countries are different like day and night.
The same goes with (english) boxing - how many countries starts with youngsters with so called "Educational - light contact" boxing? In most "after Balcan war" countries - human values were lowered to the minimum in recent years and light contact for them is comparing to bullet nothing. They all want full contact fight from the start. No strategy. Only heart. And French-man like that kind of material. Material with muscles and a big heart - similar to gladiator arena games - where they can proove the story how David can defeat Goliath.
And the winner is almost always David.
Goliath ussualy takes this RIVAT "for free" shoes and integral dress to remind him on a glory days and moves again in his primary discipline called Muay thai or kickboxing.
Promoting skiing for everybody have no sense. There are disciplines:
- ski jump
- slalom
- giant slalom
- downhill
- telemark
- nordic -run

and although there are (boxing gloves) skiis everywhere you cannot say that you can be good in all of them or that you can attend combination of this disciplines.
If you answer that it is possible then experience from skiing shows different and that means that there is established no good quality and enough competitors in martial art and combat sports.
If you say that it is possible to circulate this weak in boxing and another in savate and another in muay thai - it means that in savate there is not enough competitions, seminars, and after all International federation activities. And you have to ask yourself how to improve work in FIS not to allow people to destroy its style of fighting in other systems.
Does boxing AIBA allows their registered competitors to circulate to Jose Sulaiman or Don King? I doubt.
Are we different? Shall we be different?

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