Tuesday, November 03, 2009

IKAS - International Kickboxing Association


The International Kickboxing Association was established by the IKO Group in the year 2000. The organization is headquartered in London UK and acts as the international sanctioning body for professional kickboxing and muay-thai events. Athletes of all ages and fighting skills pass through tough eliminations to earn the right to go out in the ring and fight for the IKAS golden belt as the main reward. We mostly credit our ongoing growth and popularity to our committed representatives and associates around the world. When building the International Kickboxing Association, we teamed up professional martial artists with years of experience, multi-time world champions and trainers of kickboxing legends. The basic principle of our organization is professional and unbiased approach to the sport of kickboxing. Our goal is to make kickboxing and muay-thai the unified and competitive sport with the world recognition.

The International Kickboxing Association sanctioned return fight of the strongest fighters, active IKAS Middleweight World Champion Randall Halden of the Netherlands and Shamil Guseynov of Russia. First time, the two came face to face earlier this year on May 6th 2007 when Randall Halden took the victory. This time the event was held in Murmansk city, Russia on November 17th 2007. The show was organized and promoted by the National Kickboxing League of Russia headed by Mr. Oleg Deryabin and Mikhail Shlyanin. Special guests were IKAS President Mr. Oleg Vadaturskiy and IKAS Netherlands representative Mr. Orlando Gemerts. At the overnight press conference both fighters were speaking fully confident they could win. To one of the questions from the Russian press ‘Are you afraid to lose your title?’, active IKAS champion Randall Halden answered that he does not even assume that he can lose the rematch.
‘I came here to defend my title and go back home with my belt’ – Randall commented.
The show took place in a 3,000 people venue and was sold out. To warm up the audience, the show started with IKAS Russian Heavyweight National title fight featuring Givi Sotsuk, trained in Abakan city under the supervision of Alexander Beriozkin, and Ruslan Begishev. The bout ended too soon as Givi Sotsuk knocked out Ruslan Begishev in round 3. Givi’s fighting manner was tough from the very beginning which testified he was well prepared for the fight.
Back to main event, the fight began with no tryouts. Both Randall and Shamil gave it a quick start with series of hard combinations where nobody wanted to give way. In round 1, it seemed that Shamil learnt a good lesson from his loss last time as he performed excellent making advantage over his rival. In round 2 however things changed - Randall fought as tough as he could which moved him points ahead. In round 3, Shamil landed a range of punches on Randall’s head that found him in a difficult situation. The audience was convinced that the bout would end earlier but the champion had powers to pull himself together and fight back. Further 4 rounds were equal and both fighters were trying to keep the center of the ring. Round 7, Shamil, tired and worn out, could not continue his strong kicks anymore. That brought Randall a good chance to show what he can and he did. In round 12, Randall landed a crucial left punch on Shamil’s head and only strong will helped Shamil not to go down. After the bell, judges and supervisor Mr. Oleg Deryabin counted the points to announce Randall Halden the winner. The audience applauded the champion who successfully defended his title. Next title defense for Randall will take place in 4 months in the Netherlands.

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