Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ring rules 2009 - 20th November, Borovic and La Notte

While savate assaut fighters play our savate amateur AGFIS/GAISF naive game of promoting savate sport with massive visiting of the holly land of Spain - Coruna ... our "premiere savate" fighters take care about some other more important things.
Do they breathe with savate as one?
Viva la savate... and money.

  1. Iulian Imeri
  2. Marco Biondi
  3. Pier Dagri
  4. Alex Schlosser
  5. Silvia la Notte - 46 fights, 37 victories, 6 losses, 3 draws, 9 ko, World champion 51kg in savate - Bruxelles 2003 FIS, European champion 48kg in savate Plescop 2008 FIS
  6. Perla Bragagnolo
  7. Mikel Colaj
  8. Ibrahim Konate
  9. Bernardo Serrini
  10. Davide Garavaglia
  11. Armen Petrosian
  12. Goran Borovic
  13. Kaopon Lek
Iulian Imeri Vs Marco Biondi winner Iulian Imeri
Pier Dagri Vs Alex Schlosser winner Alex Schlosser
Bernardo Serrini Vs Davide Garavaglia winner Bernardo Serrini
Ibrahim Konate Vs Mikel Colaj winner Ibrahim Konate
Rutigliano Vs Silvia la Notte winner Silvia la Notte

Armen Petrosian Vs Goran Borovic winner Armen Petrosian

Kaopon Lek Vs Sidi Dialo winner Kaopon Lek withKO

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