Friday, November 06, 2009

Dutch savate federation - new domain and webiste

Ronny van Maanen says that he will translate this very complicated and complex Dutch savate federation's website.
Ronny obeyed that he will be in Novi Sad 2009 combat with his fighters but unfortunatelly, he didn't come.
But Ronny you made one thing very well - you registered domain SAVATE.NL .
On the other hand country of birth of savate - France didn't make nothing about


Anonymous said...

Ronny is from Apeldoorn club which works to grow Savate in Holland. The President of the Dutch Federation is Harm Dommisse, from a different club. Ronny wasn't invited to Novi Sad.

Anonymous said...


It's good to see people are finding the website. It's not ment to be the Dutch Savate Federation website it's a place where I/we can share information about Savate, which is hard to find in decent form anyways.

I did the site voluntairely,Harm Domisse is not involved (which would be great, but didn't happen so far), in my own free time, and i'm paying for it out of my own pocket. I'm not looking for compliments, i'm looking for people who can do contributions to the sport in my country. Seeing noone bothered to open the website in the Dutch language, I did. I have intentions on translating it to english and perhaps French... However I have limited time as i'm training (savate yes :-)) and i'm very busy with work and study.

Anyways, a very marry X-mas (albeit a late one) and a happy (savate-) new-year.