Thursday, March 26, 2009

AGFIS is watching us?

How funny is FIS savate these days. They lost all imagination -"HOW TO BLUFF ITS MEMBERS".
Mouth full of AGFIS - words known for almost more than 10 years - are coming out in this way:
Come on to Serbia to join this huge event called combat savate - because AGFIS is watching us. There should be nearly 30 countries. Funny.

Isn't AGFIS worried about licenses in savate, and many professional fighters circulating here and there without any control and medical and other passports?
NO.... :). FIS says that AGFIS just want to have more than 30 countries.

(Ju-jitsu some years had 20 members on a world championship - and they are AGFIS members. And SUMO - this sport is ARISF category, and FISU accepted savate without AGFIS membership.)
We started with affiliation to AGFIS 2009 with our smallest competition - combat. Crazy.
And if we don't satisfy this (most corrupted and chaotic sport organization) what will happen?


And WAKO kickboxing and Kickboxing federation of Serbia and FIS savate - I mean all main actors will be satisfied.
Their professional fighters will further circulate through all Europe gladiator ARENAS without any questions. And France will put all efforts in seeking new banana republics and new clubs to do savate occasionally.

But there are many problems for French savate federation and FIS. 1st is trouble will start with EU sport commison and the 2nd with FISU savate acceptance of new non-AGFIS member. Will savate with new sport politics in EU and France and after Olympic congress in 2009 still live in Europe? Will savate survive?
Every further stupid step of delaying AGFIS recognition is closer to savate death. And names of people pushing this critical steps will be written in savate history for many new generations.

The old game known from the past will probably go on and on and on.

Is this really well known and typical so called "French" behavior?

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Anonymous said...

So what is your point exactly? I can see that you have written your comments in English and, with me being English, I suppose that I should understand - but I don't. If you have a 'beef' with Savate, let it go. Move on. Get on with your life. Or better still, get a life to start with!