Friday, March 13, 2009

WKA President Klaus Nonnemacher

Video speech new WKA strategy 2009
The WKA (World Karate and Kickboxing Association) is the oldest and largest world Kickboxing and Karate association and is the worlds leading association in martial arts.

Worldwide Fight Tour 2009

Promoters ! WKA and wanted the most important or creative promoters in fight sports all over the world.
Become partner of the greatest planetary event on the field of the fighting sports
« The best of the best Event and Fighters all over the world»

Worldwide Fight Tour is an international event of scale making it possible to retransmit the
best of the biggest fights on a world level in the following disciplines:
• Thai boxing
• Kick Boxing
• Full contact
• Free Fight / MMA in ring or in cage
• Fighters man and woman

Worldwide Fight Tour is nowadays composed of the retransmission of:
• 3 events/by month for the period of 1 year.
• Each event will be composed with a minimum of:
• 2 world championships (man or woman)
• 2 intercontinental titlles
• Combat highspeed motorboats
• Awards validated by the WKA (35 years of experience)

The selected events take place on various continents
•America (the USA)
•Europe (Germany, the Netherlands,France, Spain, Russia, etc)
•Asia (China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, etc.)
•Australia (Sydney)
•Africa (Dubai, South Africa, the Maghreb,etc.)
• To take part in the Worldwide Fight Tour the most
important organizations having as their representaters the most successful fighters recognized for their determination and technical knowledge.

Worldwide Fight Tour is retransmiced in the whole world under three formats:
a) International TV packet: resale of the rights of publication to various the TV
b) Web on line or VOD: retransmission of the fights on line
on the Web TV access to the contents videos as Video call
c) Mobile Phone: retransmission of the fights into direct or VOD on portable

- Promoters gives you access of the most important worldwide promoters network.
- Broadcast your event in live with all medias all over the world.
- Earn money with pay per piew and right media

If you are interested to participate in this organization.
Please write in:
Paul antoine BROCHU-World Vice President WKA in charge MMA


Thank's to describe the quality of your organization in your mail.
We shall pass on to you the additional information.
Promoters ! Are you ready for the fight ?

02/01/09 Total Sport Asia become Distribution Agent in Asia for rights media TV , web Tv , mobile phone , adverstising for Worldwide Fight Tour 2009

Total Sport Asia has 7 offices and over 90 people cover all major markets in Asia and Middle East:

Kuala Lumpur (Headquarter, servicing South East Asia)
Tokyo (servicing Japan & Korea)
Shanghai (Greater China HQ)
Beijing (2nd China office)
Mumbai (servicing Indian-Subcontinent)
Delhi (2nd Indian office)
Bangkok (servicing Thailand and Indo-China)

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