Friday, March 20, 2009

Savate in Monte Negro 2008

Ministry of sport (Monte Negro) gave savate in year 2008

137. Savate ful kontakt klub "Mladost" - Podgorica
(engl.transl. Savate full contact club "Mladost" - Podgorica) - 1.500,00 EUR


33. Savate savez Crne Gore
(engl.transl. Savate federation of Monte Negro) - 5.000,00 EUR

for what? They were not present at World championship savate assaut, and not in European combat championship.
What is happening with sport outside EU? And did somebody saw Monte Negro savate team since 2003?

Was this money just an extra cash for ...

19. Kik boks savez Crne Gore
(engl.transl. Kickboxing federation of Monte Negro) - 25.000,00 EUR

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