Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daniele Abate - Silver glove - SAVATE - Italy

And what is strange? You just can't find this man anywhere in the circus of Italian savate. Although recognised in IAKSA, FIST, and ex - Italian Union of Savate he was not one of medalist in FIKB (Italian Kickboxing Federation) when awards for savate were given to all ex-savateurs by Mr. Ennio Falsone.

And on 11th of October 2009 - we find him recognised. Maybe this text helped.

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Daniele said...

I'm in Savate World from 1989 (UIBSF->WAKO->FENASCO->FEDERCOMBAT->CISCO->FIST-> BLA..BLA...BLA...

I'M STARTED with Master Jean Ingrato (Now FIKB)

You know me all but it 'hard to keep up with all the federal PROCESSING made only for political reasons