Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night of Titans - 27th March 2009, Marseille, France

World championship -71 kg (7x2):
Cedric Castagna won Cedric Lapauw anonymous decision

Other fights:
-83 kg (5x2 min): Yves Reynaud won Hosni Mohamed anonymous decision
-77 kg (5x2 min): Christophe Canale won Jeremy Sportouch anonymous decision
-71 kg (5x2 min): Anthony Fremont won Florent Le Goanach with STOP in (3rd round)
-77 kg (5x2 min): Francis Tavares won Frederic Gargani anonymous decision
-83 kg (5x2 min): Nicolas Atmani won Gerald Michiara anonymous decision

Team Borg and this year also Cedric Lapauw - Belgium.

23th Night of titans - Nuit des Titans - CHAUSS'FIGHT - 27th MARCH 2009 - 21H Sport hall - VALLIER - MARSEILLE, France - 2 World Championships (return matches) & Supers Fights. Enoch Effach on stage.

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