Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let the women in tbe olympic boxing family!

HA, HA, HA ... CRAZY - congratulations to Denmark.

The Danish Stand at Sportaccord had a prominent visit. Tiffanie Hearn from the US-boxing amateur boxing association, came by to promote the message: let the women in tbe olympic boxing family!

The AIBA World Series of Boxing (WSB) and women's boxing in the Olympic Games are two key projects which will revolutionise the world of international boxing according to the President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu.
Dr. Wu, who was elected as AIBA President in 2006, has been proud to unveil the two new initiatives at the 2009 Sportaccord in Denver, USA, which runs until Friday. The World Series of Boxing will be launched in September 2010 while the inclusion of women's boxing in the Olympic Games is dependent on the IOC, which will make a decision on whether women's boxing will be included at the 2012 Olympic Games at its Congress in October 2009.
"AIBA has made enormous progress in its effort to revolutionise the sport of boxing and the 2009 Sportaccord provides an excellent opportunity for AIBA to illustrate how this has been achieved while also highlighting some of its exciting initiatives.
"Sportaccord is one of the best platforms amongst the sporting community for discussion and knowledge sharing and AIBA is looking forward to having the opportunity to not only participate but help promote some of the key AIBA projects - the World Series of Boxing, Women's Boxing - which are proving crucial to the world of boxing".
The WSB will be the only professional series in which boxers will retain their Olympic eligibility and national federations will receive a return on their investment in boxers.
AIBA's vision for the World Series of Boxing is to preserve the best of the new style of professional boxing while capitalizing on AIBA's strong boxing traditions to reunite the broader boxing world and its grassroots whilst providing a bridge between Olympic boxing and professional boxing.
AIBA's proposal to the IOC includes the introduction of 40 female boxers across five weight categories - 47kg, 53kg, 60kg, 69kg and 75kg.

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