Saturday, October 31, 2009

CISM Academy & SAVATE?

Previous Definition
CISM Academy was a scientific and pedagogical study centre dedicated to research in all areas of physical activity and sport manifestation – high-performance, social, educational and military in the Armed Forces worldwide.

Previous Objectives
1. Spread new methods of training used by troops around the world;
2. Keep a nucleus of military and civilian authorities in the field of sporting training, medicine and social inclusion;
3. Collect and file information on the modern methods of training;
4. Lead research in specific areas according to the necessity of CISM;
5. Lead symposia in which selected authorities could present studies and material brought up to date in all area of physical activity manifestation;
6. Spread new discoveries, methods and techniques of training for the countries members through technical booklets, symposia and clinics; and
7. Foment and divulge initiatives in the field of the social inclusion by sport.

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