Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peter Straub - Trainer and competitor in club Konstanz, Germany

In Kostanz there was also National German championship assaut 2009.
Peter Straub - trainer of savate in a Budo Circle Konstanz e.V. But also 3rd DAN ju-jitsu.
Actually this club teaches just kickboxing. WAKO - of course. And WKA at the same time.
And Vogel Uwe, who trains "Kickboxen" was also second on a National German asasaut championship 2008. What a lucky guy. (In the ring stepped for Konstanz also his club mates: Peter Straub, Daniel Gorgels and Malko Muller)
Thomas Gabele und Andreas Scherf
And this club is not a member of Savate federation Germany - but very nice one to prepare them National championship. I wish to have that kind of friends.

Peter Straub einer der führenden Männer im Savate in Deutschland und Mitglied im Budo-Circle Konstanz hat diesen Event für Konstanz gewinnen Können. Danke, Peter!

And Peter thank you from our side too, to help "kickboxen". We enjoy watching correct ju jitsu kicks towards our genitals under savate assaut rules calling them - begginer's mistakes.

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