Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finals world championship savate combat 2009, Longwy, France

7th of November - Longwy, France

Final fights:
Chloe Cabareck (FRA) vs. Silvia La Notte (ITA)
Doya (FRA) vs. Chemeret (RUS) (oh..... changed to Slobodan Popov (SERBIA))
Slimane Sissoko (FRA) vs. Milos Golic (Monte Negro)

I thought that Milos Goliccompetes in some other country. KBS Rajko Kusic - Pale, Republic Srpska (ex - Bosnia) and his trainer: Dragan Rabota. He was very active in kickboxing also for Monte Negro in WAKO kickboxing - Balcan championship and Sarajevo Super World Cup - may 2009 (low kick -91kg).

Seems that savate is not created for savateurs but for other sporstman of other martial arts to compete under savate rules. Said.

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