Saturday, October 31, 2009

Military Sport and CISM are acknowledged within the World of Sport

XIII IOC Olympic Congress
3-5 October 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark

After 15 years since the last edition in Paris on 1994, the IOC held again an Olympic Congress, very well organized in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 5 October 2009. The Congress was attended by more than 1000 participants in representation of the IOC, the International Federations, the Organizing Committees of the next Olympic Games and many other representatives and observes from the worldwide sport movement.

The Congress considered the following themes:

1. The Athlete
2. The Olympic Games
3. The Structure of Olympic Movement
4. Olympism and Youth
5. The digital revolution

The Final Resolution at chapter 1 out of 5, point 11 out of 66 declares that “Consideration should be given to the identification of ‘athlete-friendly’ structures, including schools, universities, technical institutes, public institutions, the Armed Forces and corporate sponsors, with whom sport and educational partnerships can be established.”
This document represents a milestone for military sport and CISM because it is expressly stated, for the first time, the positive role of the Armed Forces within the world of sport.

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