Friday, October 23, 2009


Source: ITF taekwondo federation No. 2

ITF Congress scheduled in St. Petersburg, Russia on 13th October that this year would extremely be important and significant for ITF and its members because of the particular agenda to elect the new President.
It was the sincere wish of the current President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung that the more capable person would take over his job and lead ITF into the future.
However, a plenty of members and NGBs including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chinese Taipei, DPR Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia and Nepal from Asian Continent and Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Russia, Scotland, Serbia and Sweden from European Continent and Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico and Grenada from Pan Am and Cook Islands and New Zealand from Oceanic Continent so far have tendered their petitions and requests to the ITF HQ that Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung should remain in the post of President for next term and continue his job to accomplish the last words of late Gen. Choi Hong Hi including the Olympic issue.
Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung has no choice but to accept the sincere minds and hearts of our members for it and, on this occasion, we express our thanks to him for his final determination as of today to respect & follow the requests from our members.
However, we still have one week more until the deadline to submit the candidates for next President to the ITF HQ if any NGBs have in your country.

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