Thursday, October 29, 2009

Italian muay thai: FMTI vs FIMT

FMTI - sent this document around Italy. Then FIMT protested as a true IFMA muay thai organisation. Here stands that boxing - FPI - Federazione Italiana Pugilistica - Italian boxing federation gave permission to an experimental Kickboxing federation (FIKB) (to join Olympic Italian Committtee) which has also sector of Muay Thai -
Try to find out what kind of information did they want to send to the world.

Poor Italian sweet lies.
Two different muay thai italian federations. First non legal, second IFMA legal.

1 - FMTI - Federazione Muay thai Italiana - KL - Kombat League - president: Max Baggio (WMC - World muay thai council recognised - or better World boxing council recognised - Jose Sulaiman)

Here we can see Mr. Max with all IFMA representatives:


2 - FIMT - Federazione Italiana Muay thai (member of IFMA) - president: Davide Carlot

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